CWC projects related to recycled glass processing and products are listed below.  A short project summary and links to view or download reports and 2-page factsheets are available by clicking on the individual report title.

Link to Glass Recycling Best Practices

Devitrification and Sticking Behavior of Crushed Glass Fused in Molds with Release Agents (2000)
Federal Procurement Specification Development for Recycled Glass Abrasives (2000)
Pavers Made from Recycled Glass and Binders (1999)
Glass Clay Body Flux (1999)
Evaluation of Crushed Glass as a Filtration Medium for Swimming Pools (1998)
Feasibility Study of Glass Bottle Washing (1997)
Glass Fusing Kits for Artists and Craftspeople (1998)
Testing and Certification of Recycled Glass Blasting Abrasives (1997)
A Comparison of Crushed Glass with Sand for Topsoil Production (1997)
Methods for Sampling and Testing Recycled Glass (1997)
A Method for Applying Color-Coatings to Recycled Glass (1997)
Ceramics Workshop on Recycled Glass as Alternative Ceramics Raw Material (1997)
Case Studies for the Use of Post Consumer Glass as a Construction Aggregate (1997)
Crushed Glass as Filter Medium for Septic Treatment Sand Filters (1997)
Recycled Glass for Water Well Packing (1997)
Using Post-Consumer Glass for Glass Blowing and Glass Casting (1996)
Color Modification of Post-Consumer Glass Cullet (1996)
Small-Scale Recycled Glass Processing System (1996)
Using Recycled Glass as a Hydroponic Rooting Medium (1996)
Crushed Glass in Roof Coatings (1996)
Evaluation of Recycled Glass as a Filtration Medium for Municipal Water Treatment (1995)
Washington State Department of Transportation Specifications for Glass (1995)
Construction Inspector's Guide to Recycled Glass Aggregate (1995)
Refractory Molds for Glass Sintering (1995) プラダ バッグ 新作 ルイヴィトン ショルダーバッグ カルティエ 時計 レディース クロエ 財布 新作 エルメス 財布 メンズ ウブロ 時計