Organics & Compost
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CWC projects related to organics and compost recycling are listed below.  A short project summary and links to view or download reports and 2-page factsheets are available by clicking on the individual report title.
Alternatives for Use and Management of "Compost Tea" (2000)
Case Study: Strategizing for Biosolids Management in Arizona (2000)
Testing of a Hydroseed Mix Containing Compost and Mixed Waste Paper (1999)
Market Study and Strategies for Biosolids (1998)
Evaluation of Compost "Tea" for Reuse Opportunities (1997)
Will Composting Work for Us? A Decision Guide (1997)
On-Farm Composting Manual (Video Available) (1997)
Development of Architectural Specifications for Compost in Landscaping (1997)
Compost as a Growing Media for Bioswales (1997)
Compost Use in Wetland Restoration (1997)
Compost End-Use Guidelines Development Project (1997)
Assessment of Composting Options for the Woodland Park Zoo (1997)
Snowblower Conversion to Compost Windrow Turner (1995)
Testing of Seaweed By-Products for Enhanced Growth in Young Apple Trees (1997)
Composting Produce Waste and Wax-Coated Cardboard (1993)

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