CWC projects related to plastics recycling and use of recycled plastics into new products are listed below.  A short project summary and links to view or download reports and 2-page factsheets are available by clicking on the individual report title.

HDPE HDPE Best Practices in Recycling

PET Best Practices in Recycling

Marketing Strategies and Testing of Recycled Plastics for Use in a Solar Oven (2000)
Performance Testing on Wheel Chocks Manufactured From Recycled HDPE Plastic (2000)
Performance Testing of Recycled Plastic Skids (Pallets) for Heavy-Duty Storage and Transport (2000)
Using Recycled Polyethylene and Polypropylene in An Injection Molding Process (1999) 
Using a Percentage of Recycled HDPE Flake in an Extrusion Molding Process (1999)
Traction Testing of Heavy-Duty Skids (Pallets) Made From Recycled HDPE Plastic (1998)
Dust Monitoring at a Plastics Recycling Facility (1998)
Methods for Sampling and Testing Recycled HDPE and PET Bales, Pellets or Regrind (1996)
Evaluation of Bale Sampling Using Coring Equipment (1997-1998)
Evaluation of Skids (Pallets) Made From Recycled HDPE Plastic (1997)
Targeting Manufacturers That Can Utilize Recycled Plastics (1997)
Using Recycled HDPE in Blown Film Applications (1997)
Investigation of Blistering Problems in a Mixed HDPE Extrusion Product (1995)
Screw Design for Post-Consumer Resin (1995)

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