Is your community finding markets for all the recycled materials
you are collecting?

If you need ideas for stimulating recycled material markets, proceed!

Viable markets for collected recycled materials are requisite for operating a cost-effective, sustainable recycling program. The traditional infrastructure for using recycled materials has been overwhelmed in many parts of the country by the volumes of recycled materials being collected. Subsidies from landfill tipping fees and other government funding sources are often necessary to maintain recycling collection and recycling programs. Some communities are cutting back on the kinds of materials collected because of the lack of robust markets.

Aside from adopting proven uses of recycled materials in new applications, one of the best strategies for improving markets is the development of new and innovative uses for recycled materials. This is not simply accomplished however. Large business can afford research & development to validate new uses. However, small companies with innovative, viable ideas for uses of recycled commodities typically do not have the ability to pursue their ideas without financial and/or technical assistance.

Therefore, a good share of the responsibility to stimulate increased markets may rest on shoulders of the public sector. The public sector can help spur markets through a variety of different strategies.

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