Wood & Construction, Demolition and Landclearing (CDL)
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CWC projects and reports, as well as best practices related to wood and CDL recycling, and new end use applications for these products, are listed below.  A short project summary and links to view or download reports and 2-page factsheets are available by clicking on the individual report title.

Link to Best Practices in Wood Waste Recycling (1999)

Revising Grading Criteria for Recycled Timber (2000)
Residential Green Building Demonstration Projects in Denver (1999)
Quality Control for Recycled Concrete as a Structural Fill Material   (1998)
Evaluation of the Potential for Composting Gypsum Wallboard Scraps  (1997)
Recycled Wood Waste Size Reduction - Technical Study ( 1997)
Urban Recycled Wood Characterization and End-Use Requirements    (1997) 
Case Study: Material Recovery Opportunities at Construction Sites (1996)
Best Practices for Construction Site Recycling (1996)
Recycled-Content in Construction - McDonald's Restaurant (1995)

Related Links for Wood and Construction Material Recycling

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