Best Practices in Waste Wood Recycling
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These Best Practices are proven methods and techniques that enable the effective technology applications and end use applications for recovered wood. The practices provide guidance for performing operational activities - from the initial materials sourcing, through processing and site storage, product manufacturing, and end-use applications. Manufacturing opportunities covered include pulp & paper, panelboard, fiber composites, pressed fuel products and others. End use applications covered include mulch, landscaping, soil amendments, compost bulking, land application and biofuel combustion.

The information documents recycling industry methodology and recommendations for the efficient techniques and improved safety for each of the major recycling processing steps. It is intended to be a guideline for operators of recycling processes on various topics related to without infringing on any organization's proprietary process technology or techniques.

The Clean Washington Center acknowledges the following industry experts for attending the initial focus group meeting to develop the best practices.

Tom Cook
Robert Falk
William Fuller
Vernon Banks
Mark Lyman
Williiam Wright
John Yeasting
Mike Murphy
Mick Powers
David Smith
Krassimir Totev
Dan Walsh
Michael Wolcott
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