Clean Washington Center




    Identifying Generation Streams of Wood Waste Materials
    Prioritizing Generator Sources
Source Separation
    Strategies for Segregating Wood at Construction Sites
    Strategies for Segregating Wood at Demolition Sites
    Strategies for Segregating Wood at Landclearing Sites
Sampling and Testing
    Visually Identifying Common Wood Waste Contaminants
    Handling Hazardous Contaminants Such as Asbestos and Lead Paint
Supplier Relationships
    Establishing a Tipping Fee Structure
    Establishing a Contamination Penalty Structure




Site Storage
    Use of Concrete Surfaces to Improve Recovery and Prevent Contamination
    Permitting and Environmental Management of Outdoor Storage Issues
Material Handling
    Use of Rolling Stock to Sort, Pre-Process, and Convey Raw Wood Waste
    Use of Conveyors -- Vibratory, Belt, and Chain
    Conveying Bulky, Irregular-Shaped Wood Waste
    Mechanical Separation Techniques Using Conveyors
Size Reduction
    Bulk Reduction
    Hogging or Grinding Equipment
    Shredding Equipment
    Chipping Equipment
    Re-Chipping Equipment
Hybridize Size-Reduction Equipment for Wood Waste
    Techniques to Minimize Wear in Size-Reduction Equipment
Screening & Contamination Removal
    Disk Scalping Screens
    Vibrating and Gyratory Screens
    Drum and Trommel Screens
    Finger Screens
    Magnetic Removal of Ferrous Metals
    Automatic Detection of Metal
    Chip Washing for Removal of Dirt and Grit    
    Air Density Separators
    Sorting Techniques for Manual Contaminate Removal
    Upgrading Low Grade Wood Waste Supplies
Safety and Training
    Identifying Safety Risks in Wood Processing
    Techniques for Hazardous Material Control
   Employee Training Techniques
Quality Control
    Product Sampling and Quality Control Testing
    Techniques to Obtain Product Uniformity and Consistency
Client Relationships
    Developing Close Relationships Between Processor and End-User
    Supplying Multiple Product Markets with Varying Grades of Wood Waste
Facility Design
    Maintaining Process Flexibility in Facility Design




Pulp and Paper
    Wood Waste Feedstock Specification for Unbleached Kraft Pulp
    Wood Waste Feedstock Specification for Bleached Chemical Pulp
    Wood Waste Feedstock Specification for Mechanical and Thermomechanical Pulp
    Wood Waste Feedstock Specification for Corrugating Medium    
    Process Modifications for Wood Waste Feedstocks
Fiber Composition Panelboard
    Wood Waste Feedstock Specification for Panelboard
    Wood Waste Feedstock Specification for Medium Density Fiberboard
    Wood Waste Feedstock Specification for Hardboard
    Process Modifications for Panelboard Wood Waste Feedstocks
Other Fiber Composite
    Specification for Thermoplastic Composites
    Specification for Inorganic Bonded Fiber Composites
Pressed Fuel Products
    Wood Waste Feedstock Specification for Densified Fuel




Mulch & Landscaping
    Wood Waste Quality Specifications for Mulch
Soil Amendments
    Quality Specifications for Soil Amendments
Compost Bulking Agent
    Quality Specification for Composting Applications
Direct Land Application
    Quality Specification for Temporary Road Construction
Biofuel Combustion
    Quality Specification for Hogged Fuel
    Minimizing Pollution Issues in Hogged Fuel Combustion
    Quality Specification for Biofilter Media
    Quality Specification for Animal Bedding

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