CWC Applicant Tracker

The CWC's Applicant Tracker is a specially designed and easy-to-use database that enables you to log and track applicants to facilitate compliance with OFCCP's regulatory requirements. It is a unique compliance tool that complements full-featured résumé database and applicant tracking systems (ATS) that do not otherwise provide usable applicant compliance data. It is especially valuable to member companies that have facilities that currently use paper and pen or Microsoft Excel® worksheets to keep track of applicants.

For example, the CWC Applicant Tracker:

  • Can replace applicant logs kept by hand or computer spreadsheets, enabling you to enter data directly or to import data through Microsoft Excel®.

  • Can operate with your full-featured résumé database and ATS by permitting you to import data into the CWC Applicant Tracker for auditing, correction, analysis and reporting.

  • Permits you to setup, maintain and analyze multiple databases, such as you might do for each year of records or for each establishment.

  • Enables you to organize, filter and analyze applicant data according to commonly-employed groupings, such as by AAP, job group, location, requisition, job title, disposition code, date, race/ethnicity, gender or groupings according to company-defined characteristics.

  • Contains a pre-loaded list of applicant disposition codes that you can use or map to codes you import from your ATS.

  • Provides several pre-designed reporting formats to meet common needs such as submission of transaction summaries to OFCCP.

  • Enables you to print pre-loaded reports as well as reports you design using the data filtering and grouping functions of the CWC Applicant Tracker.

  • Enables you to export data in common formats (Microsoft Word®, Excel® and Adobe PDF) so that you can use those data in other analyses, such as the impact ratio analyses offered by CWC's IRA Workbook II©.

The CWC Applicant Tracker can be procured via download from CWC's website. It is available through an Enterprise License or a Single Establishment License. The Enterprise License permits the purchasing company to reproduce and distribute the CWC Applicant Tracker for the entire company's internal use, regardless of the number of individual facilities, consistent with the terms of the License Agreement. The Single Establishment License permits the purchasing company to use the CWC Applicant Tracker at only one establishment and download it onto only one computer, consistent with the terms of the License Agreement. Purchase currently is limited to CWC member companies only.

The purchase price for the CWC Applicant Tracker Enterprise License is $8,995. The purchase price for the Single Establishment License is $895. Please note all orders must be pre-paid before the CWC Applicant Tracker can be downloaded. Please click the purchase button to order.

Questions about the CWC Applicant Tracker should be directed to CWC's Program Line at 202-629-5655, or email your inquiry to

To purchase a single establishment license click here.

Non-member price: 9,995.00
Discounted member price: 8,995.00