IRA Workbook III

The IRA Workbook III© is a Microsoft® Excel formatted spreadsheet compliance tool designed to assist member companies in conducting impact ratio analyses (IRAs) for analyzing employment transactions data for statistical indicators of systemic discrimination.

The IRA Workbook III© still offers the same simple data-entry mechanisms and powerful analytics for examining selection rates using the 80% Test, the z-Test (or "Standard Deviation" Test), and the Fisher’s Exact test (for smaller populations), but also now includes the following additional features:

  • a "most-favored-group" utility that automatically calculates and compares the selection rate for the most favored race/ethnicity group to the selection rates for all other groups, both individually and in the aggregate;
  • user-activated visual alert settings to flag common data-entry errors, such as entering more hires than applicants; user-activated visual alert settings to flag statistically significant selection rate disparities;
  • user-activated view and print settings to display (or hide) analytical test results, which can be useful for printing aggregate data reports without the accompanying statistical analysis; and
  • significant format improvements that allow users to analyze up to 25 transactions per page, and to annotate and print pre-formatted, professionally-designed reports for internal or external (OFCCP) dissemination.

CWC’s IRA Workbook III© contains a total of 14 "paired" analytical spreadsheets, each of which is designed to help human resource compliance practitioners and counsel quickly analyze aggregate data on employment selection decisions.

Six of the spreadsheets in the IRA Workbook II© have been pre-formatted to quickly analyze hires, promotions, and terminations by gender and minority status, the most common analyses performed for affirmative action and nondiscrimination compliance purposes. Two other spreadsheets have been pre-formatted for analyzing "positive" selection decisions by gender and minority status, two for analyzing "negative" selection decisions by gender and minority status, and two for analyzing positive and negative selection decisions by some other, user-defined characteristic such as age.

The final two spreadsheets have been pre-formatted to analyze positive and negative transactions data for a single transaction and a single analytical unit by individual race/ethnicity group. These two sheets simply require users to enter the total numbers of eligible and selected persons in each race/ethnicity category in the top right corner of the sheet. The spreadsheets then automatically determine which single race/ethnicity category is the "most favored" group, and compare the selection rate for the most favored group to those for all other groups, both individually and collectively.

CWC’s IRA Workbook II©, which includes a revised and easy-to-use built-in User’s Guide, is available via download from CWC’s website. The IRA Workbook II© can be ordered only through an Enterprise License, and is available only to CWC member companies. The Enterprise License permits the purchasing company to reproduce and distribute the IRA Workbook II© internally for use by its employees, consistent with the terms of the License Agreement.

Questions about the IRA Workbook II© should be directed to CWC’s Program Line at 202-629-5655, or email your inquiry to