Exploring the Census Bureau’s 2014-2018 EEO Tabulation
The U.S. Census Bureau released its 2014-2018 EEO Tabulation, which is a collection of detailed occupational data tables that organizations use to develop labor market availability estimates for their corporate equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, and diversity and compliance programs.
This latest EEO Tabulation replaces the 2006-2010 EEO Tabulation organizations have used for the past eight years, and serve as the primary source of benchmark data for comparing the race, ethnicity, and gender composition of an organization’s internal workforce to the current external labor market within a specified geographic area and job category.
This web workshop evaluated key changes to the EEO Tabulation, explored interesting facts and figures from the 100+ data tables with the EEO Tabulation, and discussed when and how the new file can be integrated into federal contractors AAPs. CWC’s compliance policy experts also engaged in Q&A with the audience throughout the presentation.
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