"The Greatest Hits of Cleaner Production, Pollution Prevention
& Sustainable Business"
This is a collection of the best non-copyright publications and software about Cleaner Production, Pollution Prevention and Sustainable Business. It is intended for business managers, government officials, development program managers, teachers and students. For a detailed description of all the publications and resources on the CD, click here. There is enough information in this library to help any organization dramatically improve its efficiency, reduce waste and pollution, and operate in a more environmentally sustainable manner. The publications were chosen by the Editor based on their quality in their particular subjects. Use this library along with the website, CleanerProduction.Com, which has many links to the best resources on the Internet for CP.
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Markets and Technologies. These are the most important mechanisms for ensuring successful recycling programs.

The Clean Washington Center has focused on increasing markets and uses of recyclable commodities, by manufacturers and end users, thereby promoting economic development and increased diversion of recyclables.

Over ninety publications are available on this website, that may help recyclers, reclaimers, manufacturers and service providers develop new recycled content products and markets. CWC's technical publications include recycling best practices for glass, wood, rubber, and plastics, along with project reports covering processing and manufacturing issues, product performance, and strategies for overcoming business and regulatory barriers to recycling.

Publications and Tools for the Private Sector

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