Officers and Staff

CWC’s officers and staff are committed to serving our member employers. If you have any questions about workplace compliance policies, practices, or requirements, need to register for a CWC event, or simply want to bounce an idea off of us or learn how to get in touch with a fellow CWC member, we’re a phone call or email away.


Joseph Lakis

Rae Vann
Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Michael Eastman
Vice President, Policy and Assistant General Counsel

Patience Addo
Vice President, Finance and Treasurer


Rachel Anderson
Program Support Specialist
John Annand
Lydia Boateng
Program Support Specialist
Michael Bracken
Senior Counsel
Christina English
Staff Economist
Lance Gibbons
Assistant General Counsel
Chris Gokturk
Senior Advisor, Compliance Policy
Michael Goodman
Senior Advisor, Compliance Solutions
William Holmes
Senior Policy Fellow
Judy Jackson
Project Manager, Finance and Accounting
Claire Jarvie
Data Analyst
Patrick Keller
Senior Analyst, Compliance Systems
Nicholas Kuriger
Director, Information and Member Services
Trish Lakis
Senior Advisor, Strategy and Operations
Anh Luong
Program Support Specialist
Valeriya Malobrodskaya
Data Analyst
Nancy Nelkin
Senior Advisor, Compliance Solutions
Matt Nusbaum
Senior Counsel
Robert O'Hara
Senior Vice President of Member Engagement and Assistant General Counsel
Trevor Peglowski
Instructional Design Specialist
Dan Peterson
Danny Petrella
Senior Counsel
James Poindexter
Information Systems Analyst
Kamisha Polk
Finance Coordinator
David Rainwater
Senior Advisor, Compliance Solutions
Ann Reesman
Senior Counsel
Denise Rhoden
Operations Manager
Edward Sommers
Director, Education and Training
Tonya Spears
Program Support Manager
John Steiger
Senior Legal Assistant
Michelle Sumner
John Tysse
Managing Editor
Cynthia Valadez
Senior Advisor, Compliance Solutions
Joseph Vele
Anita Williams
Finance Coordinator
Samantha Wittie
Manager, Program Support
Felice Yang
Data Analyst