CWC's Comp Auditor® II Software
The CWC Comp Auditor® II is a software program developed by CWC for use by member companies in conducting self-audits of their employee compensation practices for potential pay discrimination. Comp Auditor® II builds upon previous versions of this powerful compensation analysis software by adding the following advanced features that were not available in previous versions:

  • A new statistical platform, tested by experienced compensation statisticians, that will make running analyses much easier and will enhance the power and flexibility of your analyses.
  • An enhanced data import function that can accommodate many common errors in the structure of data you import.
  • An analyzer that locates missing or zero values in fields critical to your analysis, permitting you to locate records that require correction and to make the necessary adjustments to your data.
  • The ability to create user defined fields, such as dummy variables and new calculated number fields that can be derived from imported data.
  • The ability to create special combinations of race and gender characteristics to conduct customized mean and regression analyses.
  • Enhanced displays, such as a dashboard view of your compensation project that allows you to see how you have defined your data fields and to make modifications as needed.
  • The ability to create, save and share your projects with other users and to reload them into Comp Auditor® II at any time to resume your work. This gives you the capability of working on more than one compensation project at the same time.
  • Significantly enhanced reporting and exporting features that display your data and analyses clearly, enable you to create PDF files and export data to Excel® and Access®.
  • A flexible feature for defining Similarly Situated Employee Groupings (SSEGs).
CWC’s Comp Auditor® II also retains many of the powerful features of the original versions, including:

  • The ability to import and analyze your data regardless of the structure of data your import or the size of your import table.
  • A comparison of "median" or "mean" compensation by race and gender.
  • t-Tests to measure the statistical significance of differences in pay.
  • Regression analyses to determine whether statistically significant pay differences can be explained by legitimate business reasons.
  • Cohort analyses that compare the pay of similarly-situated men and women, or minorities and non-minorities.

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