CWC is a national non-profit workplace compliance association whose member employers represent all major U.S. industries and economic sectors, including for-profit corporations, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. Law firms, consulting firms, and other organizations providing workplace legal and compliance services are not eligible for membership. 

CWC membership is organizational, meaning that all of a member employer’s HR generalists, discipline specialists, labor and employment attorneys, and other staff can be registered to access and take advantage of membership benefits, services, and privileges. Non-profit organizations and educational institutions that elect to pay CWC’s discounted non-profit membership fee may designate up to three (3) staff members for access to membership benefits, services, and privileges. 

CWC’s bylaws require that all new members be approved by the Association’s Board of Directors. 

CWC Membership Eligibility Rules


For information on CWC membership, call 202.629.5650 or email info@cwc.org.