EEAC Is Now the Center for Workplace Compliance

Washington, D.C. (July 7, 2017) – In a special action by ballot approved by a majority of the association's members, EEAC is pleased to announce the expansion of its mission and brand as the new Center for Workplace Compliance (CWCTM).

"When EEAC was founded in 1976, our mission focused on 'nondiscriminatory employment practices,' and our name was chosen to reflect that mission," EEAC (now CWC) President Joe Lakis remarked. "But today, our member employers face a much broader portfolio of workplace risks and requirements that don't fall neatly under the umbrella of equal employment opportunity or affirmative action compliance."

As these risks and requirements have evolved, so too have EEAC's efforts to help its members understand and manage them. Hundreds of member-focused memos, training programs, web workshops, and MemberAssist calls have covered topics including wage and hour, contract compliance, immigration, paid leave, and a host of state-level compliance requirements, all while the association has maintained its commitment to the principles and practice of EEO and affirmative action.

"As the new Center for Workplace Compliance, that commitment will not change," Joe stated. "What will change is the strength and energy of our platform for delivering the practical insights and solutions our members have come to expect from us."

Supporting CWC's new mission are six new program teams within the association's Office of the General Counsel (OGC) led by CWC Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Rae T. Vann. The attorneys and non-attorney professionals supporting these teams will analyze and report on key workplace compliance developments in the areas of Fair Employment, Contract Compliance, Wage and Hour, State Standards, Immigration, and Labor Relations. Three additional program teams have been established to monitor developments and provide members with guidance in the areas of Public Policy, Diversity and Inclusion, and Workforce Analytics.

"In many ways, these changes are simply a natural evolution of our single most important goal since 1976: helping our members understand and comply with their workplace compliance requirements," Joe continued. "I'm grateful for our board's leadership and guidance on this exciting expansion of our mission and brand, and I'm honored to continue leading this association – and serving all of our members – during this next chapter of our history."

Over the next few months, the new CWC name and logo will be incorporated into all of the association's materials, including its training presentations, memos, comment letters, amicus briefs, membership materials, and new website. Please look for them and let us know what you think.

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